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Furniture care


Furniture durability and aesthetic appearance first of all depends from the quality of the product, but no less important is to exploit it and maintain properly. We offer you some practical advice how to do it right.

Some rules of furniture care and use:

  1. When unpacking and using furniture can‘t use sharp things that may damage the product.
  2. Assembling should be according to the attached instructions (if it is necessary for furniture).
  3. Do not move the furniture as they can be damaged, also do not carry holding the upholstery or pillows.
  4. Do not sit on the furniture backrests or armrests, high load may damage the structure, or deform it.
  5. Do not put hot things on furniture.
  6. Do not use water, alcohol, thinner, solvents, and  other chemical devices for  furniture cleaning.  First time using devices for furniture cleaning its strongly recommend to test it on the invisible place.
  7. All appeared spots on the furnture should be removed immediately with  soft, absorbent cloth, if necessary, use devices for furniture cleaning.
  8. Place the furniture ( cabinet, soft ) in dry, out of direct sunlight protected area and keep it from the wet walls and heating equipments.
Furniture care