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Foster sofa

Used materials: solid wood and plywood frame, HR elastic foam, foamed polyurethane
Fabrics: possible to order with different textile
Function: sleep function available, mattress thickness 6cm, made from viscoelastic material.
Deco: two deco cusions 40x40 cm. in set, another deco accesories available additionaly.

Title: 3 seatter sofa "Foster" 3
Dimensions: 210x90xH72
Fabric usage: 15 m.
Mattress size: 135x200

Title: 2 seatter sofa "Foster" 2
Dimensions: 162x90xH72
Fabric usage: 13 m.
Mattress size: 85x200

Title: Armchair "Foster" 1
Dimensions: 110x90xH72
Fabric usage: 9 m.